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Wow, it’s amazing how just now the folks at Cave have become a household name when it comes to quality games.  This development team has been around for years, crafting the kind of “bullet hell” shooters that fans simply can’t get enough of.  Oh, well, take whatever fame you can get, I always say.  And that level of fame continues with yet another release from its extensive shoot-em-up – or “shmup” – collection with Dodonpachi Blissful Death, which acts as a prequel to the previously released Dodonpachi Resurrection.



The peripheral makers at Razer are already shaking things up enough at the Consumer Electronics Show with a hands-on look at its latest PC, complete with a digital screen built into the keyboard for great effect.  However, it looks like that's just the beginning of the company's tech savvy ways, as it's introducing a new gaming tablet that not only promises to be as high end as any given gaming laptop, but also innovative with the introduction of a pair of PlayStation Move-like controllers.


It's no secret that Activision is working along with Treyarch on a new Call of Duty game for release later this year.  It's become a yearly franchise and, hey, it's made this much money for them, so why stop now?  The only question remains is just what game we can really expect.  Another classic shooter?  A Future Warfare title?  Well, according to a registered domain name that was recently taken, the title may have just gotten a little clearer -- Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.


Mention the words "Shigeru Miyamoto" to any given gamer out there, and they'll likely rattle off their favorite moment from a Mario or Legend of Zelda game, in great detail.  There's no question that the legendary designer has left his mark on more than one occasion, serving millions of happy gamers at a time.  However, it looks like he might he slowing down as he approaches his late 50's, as rumors indicate he'll be "retiring".  But to what extent?


Back in May, Rockstar Games released L.A. Noire, an intriguing 1940's detective game that featured its fair share of action and driving, along with intriguing interrogations that kept the player on their toes as they attempted to solve each case.  The game turned out to be a successful release, but its popularity was overshadowed by the drama revolving around its developer, Team Bondi.  Accusations, bad business decisions and other controversy stemmed from the company, leaving Rockstar to sever its ties with the team.  Now it's pretty much over, with someone buying the rights -- and hiring the employees -- on its own terms.

Nintendo's last few systems have featured something we have either barely even seen or never seen at all. With the DS, Nintendo brought touchscreen controls to the forefront before the iPhone. With the Wii, gamers saw motion control done for the first time in their own home. And with their latest effort, Nintendo brought 3D along without the need for glasses. But with all of that innovation comes along someone who claims that they did it first. That's something Nintendo is no stranger to. So to keep up with that tradition, a company is now claiming that the stereoscopic 3D the 3DS uses is actually their invention.
 Earlier this afternoon, Take-Two Interactive held a conference call for investors to report on the 2011 fiscal year. For the twelve month period that ended on March 21, 2011, the company saw a 49% increase of net revenue to $1.14 billion. But beyond the talk about money, Take-Two also discussed the future of the company and the games we can look forward to. Among those games discussed, Take-Two gave a bit of a status update on Agent and Max Payne.