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Gears of War Judgment is still a far ways off from release, and while Microsoft didn’t exactly reveal some breaking news about the game this past week at E3 (it was probably more concerned about hyping the forthcoming Halo 4), it did have a private booth on the show floor that let players try out a new multiplayer mode being offered in the People Can Fly-produced prequel.  Say hello to Overrun mode.


Recently, I was lucky to partake in the very first Guild Wars 2 beta and what a thrill it was. I haven’t played the franchise before, but all I have heard were great things and it’s one of the most risking IP’s on the market. Unlike most MMO’s, Guild Wars isn’t a subscription service and depends solely on in game player purchase. Besides the subscription model, the development team at NCSOFT is making a number of key changes to the MMO format that makes it immediately intriguing.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest games people are looking forward to this year is Battlefield 3. Lots of gamers are beginning to grow tired of the Call of Duty franchise and are looking for a new experience. At E3, John Riccitiello made it known that he wanted Battlefield 3 to directly compete with Modern Warfare 3, so the release date was set so that Battlefield 3 comes out merely two weeks before its rival. But just how well does Battlefield 3 hold up to the competition? I recently got the chance to play it and can say that it plays just like any Battlefield title should.