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Last June we reported on Dreamworks Entertainment winning the movie rights to the Electronic Art's racing franchise, Need for Speed. Up until now we didn't know who was going to be starring in the movie adaptation until now. According to insidemovies, Aaron Paul, the two-time Emmy winner, has signed on as the lead in DreamWorks’ upcoming feature film Need For Speed.  Paul is most know for his work in AMC's Breaking Bad series and has rumored to star in many films after Breaking Bad ends next fall. But this will mark his second movie he has signed on for after the series concludes.  


No matter your age and no matter your gender take a moment to think back to your childhood toys. Remember that one teddy bear that you had? Some of you may even have had more than one. Now imagine that same cute and cuddly teddy bear as a homicidal murder weapon wielding manic whose goal is to dismember every other living creature in sight! That in a nut shell is “Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise”. “Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise” is the downloadable sequel to 2010’s “Naughty Bear”. “Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise” takes the best parts of its predecessor and adds a ton of new features. Do these new features make the game worth downloading? Let’s take a stab at it in our review. 


A blinding blue blur, collecting tons of rings, spouting witty catch phrases, and defeating Dr. Eggman (or Dr. Robotnic depending on the version) are all things you think of when you hear the name Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic is one of the most recognizable faces of the console generation in the 90’s. The franchise has spawned everything from cartoons to comic books. It has also spawned a list of atrocities sequels and spin off games. “Sonic Adventure 2 HD” is a reminder of when Sonic stopped being about speed, and stopped being fun. 



The whole of the video game industry had a bit of a get-together this weekend at the Eurogamer expo in London. With more than 80 games playable on the show floor, the exhibition was giving the public and the professionals a good glimpse at what we can all expect from the few months ahead of us. GamerLive.TV was there, talking to players and developers, playing the games, chatting up the lightly dressed virgin pin-ups and, overall, looking for the future hits that everyone will need to play in the next 6 months.  In the next few days, I will have a look at the top 5 most awaited AAA games, why everyone is talking about them and if they really deserve the hype. But there are some excellent and very creative productions that you might not have heard of or might not have paid attention to, but that are definitely worth playing.


The Spy Hunter franchise was a cult last console generation hit. The speedy arcadic feel mixed in with blowing objectives away in unrealistic ways delighted audiences in 2001 when it was last seen. The Saliva heavy rock metal theme combined with Peter Gunn’s Spy Hunter theme made the core gameplay experiences enjoyable. Since then we haven’t seen another entry until now. Spy Hunter is returning to the Playstation Vita with a new theme scored by Ryan Shore.


Capcom’s “Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection” celebrates the silver anniversary of the successful fighting franchise. Packed with games, DLC, Blu-Rays, and exclusive collectables, the set is impressive but will it please the hardcore “Street Fighter” fanatics? 


It's not a bad premise. What would happen if all the world's power ceased to exist? No cars, no electricity, no mechanics, no technology, no medicine. Basic necessities (like clean water and food) define life or death and basic amenities (like toilet paper) become a thing in the past. It really is a cool idea: Bows and arrows, horse drawn pick up trucks, the word "Google" being spoken in awed whispers. And it's got some excellent names on its roster: JJ Abrams (Lost, Star Trek 09) and Jon Favreau (Iron Man, Cowboys and Aliens). All and all, it looks like it could be a winner. But then again, so did Terra Nova. So while I was generally impressed with the pilot, and really want to see the show do well, I think it needs to step it up a notch if it wants to last more than a Terra Novan season.


DUST 514 is a free to play massively online FPS produced by CCP Games in their Shanghai studio. The game is only at the Beta stage but can be played on the PSN already. Taking place in the EVE universe and rich of its very large background history, vast star systems and millions of player controlling thousands of corporations and other pirate clans, DUST has a lot to answer for as the expectations of many, could not be higher.


America’s favorite cartoon family returns to the exciting world of iOS platform games with The Simpsons: Tapped Out on the iPad available for download from Apple’s App Store. The video game takes the best parts of games like the Sims and SimCity and combines them with a social gaming aspect designed to reward its players and keep them coming back for more. Sprinkle the signature Simpsons’ humor on top and you have a interesting experience resembling that of Homer’s favorite sweet treat. 


Back in 2010, Activision was publishing True Crime: Hong Kong and after two years of development, the project was canceled. Saved from the ashes, Square Enix swooped in to save the title renaming it Sleeping Dogs. The kung Fue martial arts open world sandbox game does many things right, but it stumbles hurts the game’s core ideas. Did Activision commit a True Crime?   


Last week, Limitless films released a forty-second teaser that caught everyone of guard. A dark mature version of the iconic 1990’s kids television show, The Might Morphing Power Rangers immerged leaving many with many questions. This has been something that fans have been asking for years.  Sure the franchise has had two movie installments, but they have all felt like a two-hour TV special. A gritty realistic portrayal for all audiences, not just for kids could be in the works.


Before the fantastic "Merlin" panel at Comic-Con 2012, we sat down for a round table interview with creators/writers Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy. The writers had a bunch of fantastic information for fans about Season 5. 


After being under wraps for months, Game of Thrones fans at Comic-Con 2012 got a surprise peak at many of the new characters for Season 3. Here's the low-down of the new actors and who they're playing! Also, be sure to check out our photo gallery from the Game of Thrones panel! 


So we like taking pictures. How can you tell? Because here are the slideshow's from Gamerlive's new Photobucket, where you can find over 100 pictures (each) of the Merlin and Spartacus panels at Comic Con! Each slideshow only contains a hundred of the pictures, so click the links below each of them to be taken to the full album. 

Feel free to use as many as you'd like, we just ask you credit our site. 


"Amy Farrah Fowler" actress sat down with us after the Comic Con panel, and we talked everything from Sheldon and Amy's relationship to that massive painting from this past season. She also shared what it's like to play a strong female scientist - and being a scientist herself! 


After a spectacular Big Bang Theory panel, which included the cast singing "Warm Kitty, Soft Kitty" in a round and an actual, honest to goodness trip to space, we caught up with the cast and writers for a few round table chats. Here's our interview with Penny actress, Kalee Cuoco. She shared with us whether Penny is an animal lover, her first thoughts of the HUGE painting from this past season, and what job she thinks Penny should try...


Ubisoft’s award winning historical fiction action-stealth franchise ‘Assassin’s Creed’ will receive some much needed star power for its upcoming live action film in the form of German-Irish actor Michael Fassbender.


San Diego will be swarming with excited fans as Comic Con once again plays host to the largest gathering of televion shows in the world. Networks from across television, from HBO to ABC, bring their most popular series (and some new ones as well) to the one place where fans can ask actors and creators the important questions- like who's gonna die in Game of Throne (perhaps the easier question is who isn't going to die)and what happens when magic swithes hands on Once Upon Tim. Here's our pick for the top 5 must see television panels of 2012.