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Sony's been trumpeting the release of its PlayStation 3D monitor for months now, promising PlayStation 3 owners that they would get the ultimate experience out of it, especially with its innovative new SimulView technology, letting two gamers play at once with full-screen displays on the same TV.  Well, now that we've gotten our hands on one, how's it shape up?  Well, despite a few flaws, it really is a cool little device.


LOS ANGELES – Beating Nintendo and its upcoming Nintendo 3DS to the punch, Los Angeles-based Master Image, the second largest 3D digital cinema technology company, showed off its auto-stereoscopic 3D technology at the 3D Gaming Summit on a Hitachi Wooo mobile phone. The phone has been shipping in Japan and has already become the number one mobile phone there with a few hundred thousand devices sold since its introduction. Master Image’s auto-stereoscopic technology allows users to see 3D without the use of the typical 3D polarized or anaglyph red and blue glasses. The device will play movies and games in 3D.