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It's no secret. The summer is the slowest time in the video game industry, seeing little to no major releases until everyone gets back from the beach. So with there being really nothing new coming out until the end of August, just how will you keep yourself busy? I've done a little bit research and found some quality games that will help fill the void, and all are within the $20 range! Also, these games may be ones you may have missed out on, so with the extra time you have in the summer, you have no reason not to try one of these out. 
Lara Croft has been through a lot over her career as an explorer. She has been chased by plenty of boulders and has avoided many other various hazards in search for some of the world's ancient artifacts. But none of that can compare to the abuse Lara will be receiving in the Tomb Raider reboot, set to come out in the fall of next year. In this exclusive interview, Head of Crystal Dynamics Darrell Gallagher talks about the dangers Lara Croft will face and what she can do to overcome them.

"Toy Story 3", the 3rd installment of the Toy Story franchise that helped propel Pixar into a major animation player, rocketed to first at the U.S. weekend box office pulling in $109 million in receipts. That makes the film the first Disney/Pixar release to top $100 million in its opening weekend and made it 11 consecutive box office weekend wins for Pixar. It is the best opening for the Toy Story franchise beating "Toy Story 1" and "Toy Story 2," which grossed $39.1 million and $83 million respectively in their opening weekends. It is also the best opening film debut for June. Worldwide, "Toy Story 3" was also a hit with $158.3 million for its global box office take. On Friday, "Toy Story 3" also set the record for biggest opening day for an animated film, grossing $41-million domestically.