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BBC Earth and SEGA announced today a partnership deal to create a unique visitor experience that will fuse nature with technology and offer an entirely new multi-sensory adventure. BBC Earth has consistently led the way in using cutting edge technology to bring premier natural history content to the world. This latest partnership with SEGA takes this idea to a whole new level, leveraging SEGA’s expertise in entertainment technology to create an entirely new visitor experience. 


On Thursday, June 23rd, one of gaming’s greatest icons, Sonic the Hedgehog will celebrate his 20th anniversary.  The recognizable blue hedgehog first appeared in 1991 with the debut of the Sega Genesis 16-Bit console and quickly became a household name.  In the 20 years that Sonic the Hedgehog videos games have been available, Sonic has become one of the best selling and most well-known characters in video gaming history. Sega talks about what’s new for Sonic fans -- including his new stereo 3D experience -- in this exclusive E3 video below.