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It’s been a good five years since we stepped onto the battlefield with a full-fledged Ghost Recon game, cruising through the skies with Advanced Warfighter 2.  Since that time, Ubisoft’s been putting the finishing touches on its latest chapter, Future Soldier, only to run into delays and forcing its release date to move a few months.  Well, the time for delays is over, as the finished product has finally worked its way to store shelves.  Now the question is, has this long wait been worth it?


When it comes to enjoying Ridge Racer, there are two types of people.  There are those who get drift-happy with the racing game and love every minute of it, and there are those who think it's a little too arcade-y for its own good.  No matter which side you're on, though, you have to admit that when Ridge Racer 7 debuted on the PS3 years ago, it was a technically proficient game, and more challenging than most entries in the series.  Now the game gets a major push with tomorrow's PlayStation Network update, with not only a free 3D upgrade, but also a digital release.  Is it too late to improve on the game now, though?


Tecmo's Fatal Frame series hasn't been given a fair shake as of late.  The announced Fatal Frame IV was denied a U.S. release, despite high demand for the title; and no new versions have been announced for other consoles as of yet.  There's still other titles to turn to, though, including a new 3DS clone that uses the device's cameras in a unique, inventive way.  And guess what -- the Fatal Frame team is working on it.


Activision and Treyarch will be releasing Rezurrection, the all-Zombies content pack for Call of Duty®: Black Ops on the Xbox LIVE® online entertainment network on August 23rd and we've got the latest screenshots and preview trailer to show all the zombie goodness off. Rezurrection hurls players into orbit with Moon, the climax of the Call of Duty Zombies saga and the first in the series to drop zombie-slaying into low-G lunar battlegrounds. With new outrageous weapons, high-tech gear, and a bloodthirsty undead menace, Moon is the most challenging and thrilling Zombies adventure yet, Activision claims. Check out the new trailer and screenshots after the break.


Joe Mauer, the Minnesota Twins catcher and reigning AL MVP, who is reportedly close to signing a big 10 year contract extension worth $200 million, was at Sony’s San Diego studio yesterday getting motion captured for the upcoming game “MLB 10: The Show.” Mauer and his #7 jersey is the cover boy for this year’s version of the Sony PlayStation baseball title. MLB 10 will feature a new Catcher mode that was designed with Mauer in mind as well as a new ”Road to the Show” mode , which is basically a career mode that will follow your player in the game. The game will also feature Real Time Presentation where gamers will be able to watch players move around realistically in real time.

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