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We had previously announced that 2K Sports was, in fact, bringing a new Legends Showcase downloadable content pack to NBA 2K12 this holiday season, priced at a reasonable 800 Microsoft points, or $9.99, for basketball fans to enjoy.  But we had yet to see which legends would be joining the party, only the modes and features coming with the DLC.  Well, rest at ease, as today, we have the full list of legends joining the game with the new pack.


NBA 2K12 has been out for almost two weeks now, and the reviews have been pouring in, talking about how excellent the game is, and how we have so many NBA legends at our fingertips with it.  But the real question is, who's the greatest?  Well, thanks to 2K Sports, we have some unlikely insight in regards to the matter...though the question still remains...


NBA 2K12 has been out for just about a week now, but there's no question the reception behind its release has been nothing short of spectacular.  Basketball fans everywhere love it; critics are giving it high marks and considering it one of the best sports games ever made; and as for us, hey, we could barely tear ourselves away from it long enough to type this article.  And that leaves us wondering...what's left to do for NBA 2K13?  Not much, but there are a few things...


Even though the upcoming NBA season doesn't look like it's going to happen, that hasn't dulled our excitement for the upcoming NBA 2K12, which is now just two weeks away from release.  You can download the demo now on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network and get a taste of what changes the gameplay have gone through (not much negative, we can honestly say), but one mode we can't wait to try in the final game is NBA's Greatest.  You're no longer just dealing with Michael Jordan's legacy, but rather the legacy of 30 classic NBA teams.  And the way 2K Sports has done this mode is unbelievable.  Basketball fans will love it.


NBA 2K12 is fast approaching, and brings with it a number of improvements over last year's stellar game, along with a handful of legends to play alongside Michael Jordan and several new players.  While the wait for the game's October 4th release isn't a long one, you'll be able to check out a demo for it when it releases this Tuesday for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.  We've got a few reasons as to why you should check it out.