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The latest Xbox Live Dashboard update has been coming for some time, and for months, fans have been buzzing about the changes that are being made, since they were first introduced at E3 a few months ago at Microsoft's press conference.  Now we're merely just days away from the update, as Microsoft has officially stamped it with a release date -- December 6th.


When it was first announced last year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Nintendo heralded its 3DS gaming system as the next big thing in handheld gaming.  Many users were excited, with images of Mario dancing around in 3D and games such as Mario Kart and others getting new life breathed into them.  The system's launch in March, however, told a different story.  The launch turned out to be one of the most lackluster for a system in recent memory (perhaps outdone by the Sega Saturn's rush to stores years before) and, months later, it still feels like it's running behind.  But some new warning signs indicate that the once-promising handheld is in all kinds of trouble.


With Comic-Con fast approaching (it practically starts in like three days), there's a lot of stuff happening in San Diego, including panels, game-related events (we're making a stop at the Sega Arcade for sure) and other special stuff, and we'll be attending as much as we can while trying to recover the morning after.  But if for some reason you can't get into the big show, relax -- there's something else happening that could easily soothe your nerdy appetite -- and that something is Nerd HQ 2011.


So we've got some good news this morning if you have a Nintendo 3DS -- you're no longer limited to playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D in order to get the most out of your system.  As part of its weekly update, Nintendo has finally released a free Netflix app for the device, enabling you to access movies and shows from your Instant Queue anywhere you want to go -- provided you can reach a Wi-Fi point, obviously.  But is this enough to keep 3DS fans happy?

After the Playstation Store went back online yesterday, the next big question is when will the Welcome Back program kick in? Everyone has been eager to get their hands on some free games, but haven't had the chance to. That all changes today as Sony has made the Welcome Back program go live. However, the Playstation Store is having some connection errors, so you will have to wait a little bit before claiming your free goodies.

Starting today, Hulu Plus subscribers can use the feature on their Xbox 360s. The service has been available on other devices for some time now, but only now can 360 owners enjoy it, too. With Hulu Plus, people will be able to watch currently airing shows, classic series, and a number of hit movies.