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There really is no game series out there right now that’s like the Katamari Damacy series.  Originally started on the PlayStation 2 and literally rolling ever since, each game has pretty much been the same lunacy over and over, with the Prince of All Cosmos following his arrogant father’s commands and rolling up objects to turn into stars.  The concept hasn’t really changed, but at least each game has offered its fair share of lunacy between wacky presentation and simplistic ball-forming fun.  The PlayStation Vita version, Touch My Katamari, follows the same trend, though an interesting new shape-shifting feature is worth playing around with.

When it comes to aggressive racing that leads into outrageous crashes, the Burnout series continues to be the best out there on the market. However, Criterion Games is taking a short break from all of that to focus on a spin-off of the series called Burnout Crash!. The game takes the series's Crash mode and builds an entire game around it, with a few changes being added in. After getting the chance to play it at a recent preview event, it actually feels a little more like a pinball game than the Crash mode we've seen in other games.

Our side trip from CES to the AVN Awards Red Carpet reveals that porn stars don't just love sex, they love video games too. Our Cybergirl Jo Garcia talks candidly with a bunch of porn stars as they reveal what games they're playing and if there any good or not.