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Mad Catz knows how to make some pretty good third-party accessories for the market.  We’re big fans of their FightPads, which make the likes of Mortal Kombat and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition quite accessible.  Those fighting sticks are pretty slick too.  But what about the games that require the pure touch of a pro?  Well, it seems Mad Catz has that department covered too, with its recently released MLG Pro Circuit Controller.  It’s definitely built with the pro in mind – however, that’s not only in skill set, but in pricing, which may be the one aspect that turns off prospective purchasers.


Sega’s House of the Dead games weren’t out to change the world by any means.  The company merely put them together to give arcade goers the chance to blow off dozens of zombie heads without feeling remorse or worrying about how the world would end up after we cleaned house.  You know, none of that Walking Dead crap.  Now, ten years after making its debut in arcades (and sometime later on Xbox and Nintendo Wii), The House of the Dead III has come to PlayStation Network, complete with Move support, some slightly updated graphics, and a few other features.  Is it still worth it?  Absolutely, if you don’t mind the carnage.


The PlayStation 3 -- with its Move peripheral -- seems to be the new home for great arcade shooters, as indicated by such releases as Time Crisis: Razing Storm (with three arcade games in one) and House of the Dead Overkill: Extended Cut.  It doesn't look like they'll be changing course in 2012, as Sega has just announced two of its more popular arcade shooting games coming to PlayStation Network over the next few months.


Sony's been trumpeting the release of its PlayStation 3D monitor for months now, promising PlayStation 3 owners that they would get the ultimate experience out of it, especially with its innovative new SimulView technology, letting two gamers play at once with full-screen displays on the same TV.  Well, now that we've gotten our hands on one, how's it shape up?  Well, despite a few flaws, it really is a cool little device.


When Microsoft launched its Kinect device last year, casual players of all ages flocked to the device, plunking down $149 and taking part in full body motion control, a far cry from the limited functionality that the Wii offered through its remote from years ago.  However, a lot of folks cried foul when they realized the "all ages" sort of games that were coming out for the device.  Well, relax.  A few titles that are now available, along with some coming soon, assure that the Kinect will be a better device for everyone.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest games people are looking forward to this year is Battlefield 3. Lots of gamers are beginning to grow tired of the Call of Duty franchise and are looking for a new experience. At E3, John Riccitiello made it known that he wanted Battlefield 3 to directly compete with Modern Warfare 3, so the release date was set so that Battlefield 3 comes out merely two weeks before its rival. But just how well does Battlefield 3 hold up to the competition? I recently got the chance to play it and can say that it plays just like any Battlefield title should.