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When WarHawk released for PlayStation Network a few years back, it introduced some important new fundamentals to the multiplayer battle experience, letting teams take out one another either on the ground or in the air, using a number of well-armed vehicles.  While it was fun for networked battles, it really didn’t offer much outside of that, since there was no sign of a single player campaign.  That said, some team members behind that game have since shacked up with Lightbox Interactive to produce a sequel of sorts, and StarHawk is the result.  And as fun as the original Hawk was, this experience surpasses it.


The Twisted Metal franchise is practically an institution for Sony Computer Entertainment of America.  The series launched with the original PlayStation and has since seen several sequels, including the memorable Twisted Metal 2: World Tour and the dark yet decadent Twisted Metal Black on PlayStation 2.  On February 14th, the series returns, this time making its debut on the PlayStation 3 and bringing its most comprehensive features to date.  You ready to go for a ride?


AUSTIN -- Sony today announced Starhawk, the sequel to its hit game Warhawk, exclusively for the PS3 Playstation game console. Starhawk is being developed by LightBox Interactive, the new Austin-based game studio founded by Warhawk creator Dylan Jobe. The Starhawk game features hero Emmett Graves and his sidekick Sydney Cutter as they do battle in the game's space-based lawless frontier. The game features LightBox's new "Build and Battle" combat system and differentiates itself from other shooters with its area-based AI instead of a path-based AI according to the developers. Check out this exclusive preview interview with LightBox Lead Designer Josh Sutphin as he reveals Starhawk and also check out the first look at gameplay footage and screenshots from the game.