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ANAHEIM -- The Foo Fighters put a loud and vibrant conclusion to this year's version of Blizzard's annual fanfest BlizzCon last night. World of Warcraft fans were certainly rewarded with the new "Mists of Pandaria" expansion reveal. We caught up with Lead Quest Designer Dave Kosak to give is an exclusive preview of  what we can expect in the new expansion pack in this video interview after the break.


Some of us AREN'T at Blizzcon.  Sad to say.  Every year, Blizzard hosts the mega-event and always seems to blow the doors off of every other MMORPG out there.  (Granted, World of Warcraft did that already.)  And with the opening of the event today, the company has already made a killer announcement that's bound to shake up the community -- you're getting some free stuff.