Interview: Astro Gaming Talks New Wireless A50 Gaming Headset


    Astro Gaming has thrust themselves into the forefront for gaming headphone technology, right alongside the other “big cats” like Turtle Beach and even Sony with their headsets.  Their latest model, the A40’s, proved to be quite popular with the gaming public, but that isn’t stopping the company from progressing forward with an even more advanced model.  Say hello to the A50’s, which are coming sooner than you think.

    Astro recently invited us to its private suite at E3 a few weeks ago to get a good look at the headset, which actually had more wireless technology built into it than ever before, guaranteeing even more sound quality out of your games across numerous platforms.  The only downside?  The headset is so thick you can’t use the old-school snap-on tags anymore.  But, honestly, you buy a headset more for sound than you do looks…right?

    Anyway, Aaron Drayer of Astro Gaming sat down with us for a few minutes to show off the A50’s, and what they’re capable of.  Check out the interview below, and then head over to to get even more information.


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