Trying to view twitch this Sunday evening? You may notice the website is just going to a blank page, Unfortunately, and sorry to report the bad news but twitch is currently down.

The outage is reported to not be affecting everyone but many of us are currently feeling it including me! I am currently unable to view any streams or even get the homepage to load, Twitch first reported a problem on twitter early today with viewing lists but has since posted a further update advising there looking into the issues:

The outage is not only affecting viewers but it’s also stopping streamers from going live also, In 2017 this is just like the power going out or a thunderstorm affecting the TV (if you’re old enough to remember that!)

For future reference, we recommend bookmarking:, not just for twitch but for other services you use daily also just so you can assure yourself you’re not going mad and you’re not alone it is down!

So what do you do when your viewing is interrupted maybe you play some games yourself or view other platforms like Youtube Gaming, Let us know in the comments what you’re up to and if we hear any more news we will update the page!

Update 16:44 Pacific Time: Twitch is still down however not only do you get a white screen but their logo starts downloading as a file, Still no update on from twitch since the acknowledgment around an hour ago, We will continue to keep you posted.



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