Zombie Running Simulator 2017

Playerunknown really does listen to his community and when they said they wanted Zombies in the game he delivered, In the latest Battlegrounds Patch Zombies is now officially a custom game mode, PUBG Zombies was first announced around a month ago and most people did not expect to see it so soon, if you are a gaming community or content creator then from this week you can now host your own Zombie Mode custom games.

GamerLive.tv gained access to the custom mode so we could host and play a few rounds for a few hours and this is how it works: Rather than teams of 1-8 people in the custom mode battle it out to be the last group standing in zombies you have a 1-8 group of humans trying to stay alive against up to 92 human controlled zombies!

PUBG Zombies Hide everywhere!

If you choose to be a human then just like the normal game mode you can loot, open doors, drive cars the objective is to survive the advancing player controlled zombies who will be heading to that final circle as well as you, If you decide you want to Roleplay a zombie and make your best walking dead style noises in-game then this is where it differs, You are naked and you cannot loot, open doors or drive vehicle’s.

Our view is Zombies is never going to replace the core game and for now, its fun and something new and perfect for online community’s or content creators and their community’s to have fun on, We would love to see more work put into it eventually like biting, a more zombie-like way of running/walking and other modes where for example humans stay in one house while the zombies attack.


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