The Motherboard is the most important component in your gaming PC so it is vital that you get the best motherboard for i7 6700k in 2017, The best really does come down to you the user, It all depends on what features you are after and how many ports you require as all motherboards as you will see below vary in specification, In this article we have tried and tested all motherboard’s featured and I am personally using one daily in my general and gaming PC.

Since the release of the Skylake last year various Z170 motherboards have been released for socket 1151 and there is something for everyone and now with the Kabylake processors becoming more available the introduction of Z270 motherboard’s for the Skylake processors which is the same 1151 socket is welcome news if you are after newer features but still wanting the excellent Skylake i7 6700k.

The Top 3 Best Z170 Motherboard’s For I7 6700K 


The most popular gaming motherboard for the i7 6700k is the Asus ROG Maximus VIII, Now if you have had an I7 before then you might have seen the Maximus before as it’s been around for years on the previous generation of CPU’s.

It has built quite the reputation which keeps gamer’s without hesitation going straight back to it on there new build, This is mainly due to its vast amount of features (more than most motherboards) and its reliability and stableness in having the least amount of reported problems past and present.

The Maximus has been designed for casual to hardcore gamer’s in mind with design and features, Looking at the feedback from customers there is nothing but extremely positive reviews about the overclocking options and the excellent build quality.

Another excellent feature is something called CrossChill EK which is an extreme cooling block that Asus has integrated into the VRM Heatsink which Asus claims to reduce the motherboard MOSFETs 23c cooler in extreme overclocks, This is an added bonus for the overclockers out there.

The ROG Maximus has SUPREME FX on board which pushes on-board sound to its limits which brings vastly improved sound quality which is perfect for the gamer hears listening out for those approaching footsteps and also sounds excellent when listening to music, It also has Asus Sonic SenseAmp and comes with software that allows you to adjust the inbuilt amp for various game genres.

The Slick black on black design with red areas will look brilliant in any windowed black case, So if your one that builds your PC with looks and performance in mind then you have found your perfect match.

2. ASUS Z170-A – My Choice

Next up another motherboard by Asus! If you like the look of the maximum but you are a little put off by the price then this motherboard has most of the features, is also made by Asus and is stable and reliable and is a lot cheaper which is perfect if you have a budget.

Personally this is the one I bought for my I7 6700k and I haven’t had any issues with it, I never overclock my processors (personal choice) but if you wish to then it has PRO Clock technology which has a very easy to understand interface with a wide range of frequency overclocking options which makes overclocking very easy for beginners along with more advanced options for experienced overclockers.

I am also not interested in any extra onboard sound as I use Logitech gaming headphones and I find the sound quality of them perfect for me, however if an improved onboard sound is important to you out the box then this motherboard has a Crystal Sound 3 chip that boosts a number of Audio improvements from your standard motherboard.

This motherboard is the most purchased for the i7 6700k processor as it appeals to not only gamer’s but general users also due to the excellent price.

Specs: 1151 Socket (Skylake), Ram 4 X DDR4 Slots for upto 64GB, 4x Onboard USB 3.1 & 4x 3.1 Front USB, 4x 6GB Sata Slots, M.2 support.

3. GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 – The Asus Alternative!

It’s always good to look at an alternative, Some people might not like Asus or the design for whatever reason ( we are all different) With over 500 million motherboards’s sold Asus is the number 1 choice but like all things that does not mean that there is not a decent if not better alternative out there.

The Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 motherboard is up there with the motherboards above but as it’s by a different company the onboard technology and hardware differs a little, That doesn’t mean it’s any worse, in fact some of its features are better.
Soundblaster is a recognized name when it comes to soundcards, This motherboard has on board a Creative Sound Blaster Certified sound core 3d chip which delivers amazing enhanced sound.

A new one to me, I have never had a graphics card break the PCI slot but i do understand some are pretty heavy especially with aftermarket fans, Gigabyte have a solution to this so they have made stainless steel pci slots which they claim are 3 times stronger, If you have ever had this problem please let me know in the comments!

For those out there who what a more “look at my car alloys” look then this one is definitely for you, It even has changeable lighting built in so if you’re going for impressions through your case window then this is the motherboard for you, Personally I got past that stage in my mid 20’s and I prefer the more professional look these days.

Specs: 1151 Socket (Skylake/Kabylake), Ram 4 X DDR4 Slots for upto 64GB, 7x USB 3.1 slots (Bandwidth of 32gb) & 4x USB 2.0 slots, 6x Sata Slots & 3x Sata express slots, M.2 support & Onboard LED’s for design.


  • The Asus Maximus Hero has the most features but is the most expensive but we consider it worth the extra cost.
  • The Asus range is easier to use and overclock than any other Kabylake/Skylake motherboards.
  • The Z170-A is the best value for money.


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