Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation for PS Vita New Gameplay and Screenshots with New Female Assassin and Alligators


    BOSTON — The Assassin’s Creed franchise will not only be getting a console game but also a Sony Playstation PS Vita-powered handheld version in Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, but this one is with a female assassin Aveline and based in New Orleans paralleling the time period of the American Revolution of Assassin’s Creed III assassin Connor. We talked to Assassin’s Creed Liberation writer Richard Farrese about Aveline as he previewed what we can expect with the handheld version of Assassin’s Creed.


    Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation is set between 1765 and 1780 and features the first female assassin in the series, Aveline de Grandpré, a female French-African Assassin around the end of the French and Indian War. It is set in and around New Orleans and the Louisiana Bayou, and the latter, with its swamp-like surroundings, will host many wild animals and dangerous threats. These include alligators and smugglers, making trees a safer alternative for traveling through the area. The game will feature a variety of weapons from past Assassin’s Creed games plus new ones such as a pistols, a blowpipe, a sugar-cane machete, pistols, a poisonous dart blowpipe, cleavers and grenades.


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