Big Games of 2011: Crysis 2 Blows Away Its Shooter Competition with Blockbuster Global Sales


    One of the big games of 2011 has delivered blockbuster sales. While there was a lot of hype leading up to the launches of Electronic Arts games like Bulletstorm, Dragon Age 2, and Dead Space 2, Crysis 2 has crushed all of those titles in the global sales game. Crytek’s 3D sequel sold approximately 700,000 copies worldwide in its first week at retail. The Xbox 360 version of the game dominated in sales, while the PC version of the game fizzled. Crytek’s Nathan Camarillo talks about the new game’s popular multiplayer experience in this exclusive video interview.




    The Xbox 360 version of Crysis 2 sold 237,989 copies in North America and 366,816 units worldwide, according to The PlayStation 3 version of the game came in second, selling 120,853 copies in North America and 228,079 units globally. The PC version, which was the format the franchise originated on, came in a distant third with sales of 46,057 in North America and 103,373 units worldwide.


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