Big Games of 2012: Firefall Guns For Domination (PC)


    It seems that every PAX event has a huge presence from Red 5 and their product Firefall.  Last year at PAX Prime, they had one of the largest booths on the floor, along with plenty of banners and a huge power drill at one of the entrances, which was running every hour on the hour.  The team is obviously thrilled about the game, and it’s getting a bigger and bigger community as it goes along.  During PAX East, we stopped by their booth to get the skinny on what’s happening with the game.

    It still packs plenty of shooting action, as we saw last fall, with terrain that resembles the Halo game yet has its own original touches, like switching between first-person and third-person view.  It also works on a free-to-play model, with additional perks available.  More details can be found on the official Firefall page.

    The lead designer, Scott Youngblood, took some time out to talk to us about the game, as well as its latest additions.  You can check out that interview below.


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