E3 2010: Globex Studios Online Announces Secret Kingdoms Online


    Los Angeles-based online game developer Globex Studios LA, a subsidiary of Globex Studios, will be on hand at E3 2010. The company just announced its first PC game title, Secret Kingdoms Online.  Development for the game is underway by the company’s newly formed Lightseed Entertainment division, which was also announced.



    Set in a fantasy world, Secret Kingdoms Online is a 3D, client-based, Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) for the PC that focuses on mount collection and mount combat.  The game will target players aged 8-17 and will feature unique exploration and battle experiences with five different mount classes and a multitude of equipment upgrade options.

    In conjunction with the new game announcement, Globex Studios is also announcing the creation of a new kid games division called Lightseed Entertainment which will concentrate on games for the 6 to 17 year-old demographic.  Secret Kingdoms Online will be the first internally developed title under this new label, and will continue the Globex trend of focusing on products that are free-to-play but offer a variety of monetization methods, including micro-transactions, memberships, pre-paid cards and other transaction types, that broaden the user community and continually expand the content to deliver long-term player retention.

    “After launching Globex Studios LA just a few months ago, we are really excited to be announcing our first kids/teens-branded game title and a game division that will be anchoring our IP products designed and themed for the under 17 age group,” said Carey Chico, President and Co-Founder, Globex Studios LA.  “In ‘Secret Kingdoms Online,’ we have a vibrant and playful world with a warped sense of scale in which players can collect, level-up and fight with mounts as well as buy tons of gear.  We will also ensure that this game continues the theme of creating free-to-play, micro-transaction-based games that deliver continuously expanded content and highly social gameplay mechanics.”

    Formally launched this spring, Globex Studios LA combines creative leadership and management with international production resources to effectively create high-quality, direct-to-consumer game products for the rapidly developing online game world marketplace.  The team of creatives and project managers working at Globex Studios LA and within the Lightseed Entertainment brand has collectively produced more than 100 previous console and PC games.  Further information about Secret Kingdoms Online, currently in development for markets in the U.S., China and Taiwan, is available on the Web at www.lightseedentertainment.com.

    Globex Studios LA is a Los Angeles-based game development company and a driving force in a global organization focused on producing high-quality, direct-to-consumer games for the international marketplace.  Representing a distributed development and production model evolved to meet industry demands for increased complexity, efficiency, cost-reduction and market-specific tailoring, Globex Studios LA comprises a front-end team of senior game creatives, technologists and managers that are all industry leaders in their craft.  Together with its parent company, China-based Globex Studios, Globex Studios LA is creating and publishing a range of original properties for online game and Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) audiences in Asia, Europe and North America.


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