E3 2011 Preview: Nintendo Will Steal the Show With New Console


    Microsoft looks to show off some solid software, Sony has the NGP on deck for their presentation, but all eyes are on Nintendo at this year’s E3 as everyone is eager to catch the first glimpse of their new console. Everyone has been wondering the streets of the internet, stopping at every corner and asking for directions that will lead up to any details regarding the system. However, all stops point to the same info we’ve been hearing for the past few weeks. There has been speculation regarding how powerful the console is, controllers have a screen on them, backwards compatibility, and a multitude of other details. At E3, all speculation will be put to rest as Nintendo will reveal the system and make the biggest splash at this year’s show.


    For now, all we can continue to do is predict just what the console will be like since Nintendo has yet to confirm anything but the fact that it will be shown at E3. Several names have been floating around such as Project Cafe, Stream, and the Wii 2. Even if there is a name for the console, that could very well change. As you may recall, the Wii was being exhibited as the Revolution for the longest time and then the name changed suddenly. It’s pretty much a given that the system will be in HD, as television sets that are HD-capable are both commonplace and quite affordable. I actually am a believer in the controllers having screens, but I’m not so sure about them being touchscreen. I think they will serve as a display either for a HUD or could be used for mini-games that could be involved with picking locks and the sort. I also think that there is the chance that motion controls similar to the SIXAXIS controls on the PS3 that could be used in conjunction with some of those mini-games. Though Sony has it with their controllers, they never were really capitalize on it. Nintendo could probably take that idea and improve it.

    I stated in a previous article that I believe that the next console will still focus on casual gamers. I still hold that notion, though if Nintendo were to announce that the new console will not be backwards compatible to the Wii, then I would take that back. I have my doubts that it won’t, though, because this system will most likely not be a full generational leap from the other consoles. When Sony and Microsoft announce their new consoles and they turn out to be much more powerful than Nintendo’s, it would be hard to hold onto the core gamer crowd as they may only get one console and choose the more powerful one. In that case, making it compatible with Wii games would be advantageous as eventually the casual gamers would want to upgrade to an HD system, hopefully one that’s cheaper than the others.


    Now that we got that covered, there still is the 3DS to talk about. Following an arguably weak launch, Nintendo will look to pick up the pace by showing off a few games for it, including a Super Mario title that has been confirmed to appear. There will probably also be a Metroid title to be revealed, as well as an updated version of Kid Icarus to be shown. I’m also thinking that a few solid 3rd-party games will be shown off for the 3DS as well. I highly doubt that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D will be shown off as that is set to come out just after E3. I’m a bit curious to see what kind of AR (augmented reality) games will be there as well, trying to utilize the camera and make games out of your surroundings.

    Unfortunately, the Wii won’t have much to show for itself. Besides The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the Wii is seeing its final days. There will most likely be a few titles to show off, but once Nintendo’s newest console comes out, all of the focus will be on that. Like all consoles, there will be some continued support for it as time goes on, but the big games will only be on the new console. The Wii will probably get a port of the game or be left out of the crowd.

    The world is eagerly waiting to see what Nintendo’s new console will be. Nintendo will devote most of its time showing off the tech and a few demos to get people hooked for its release in 2012. The 3DS has been off to a slow start, but there should be a strong showing of games to change that around. Nintendo is looking at the future, compared to Sony and Microsoft who are mainly focused on this generation. It will be interesting to see how they react once we finally learn about what Nintendo has brewing for next year.


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