First NBA 2K12 Roster Update Goes Live


    2K Sports is running full speed on updates for NBA 2K12, in order to prep for the upcoming season, which kicks off in less than two weeks on Christmas day.  And to start things off, it’s already uploaded its first roster update, which does feature the addition of a few rookies, as well as some noteable trades.  But not everything is perfect with it…

    The following changes have been made with this update, which is available for free now on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3…

    – Four rookies have been added to the roster (as per officially signed to their teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving

    – Chauncey Billups, Josh Hamilton and Vince Carter are now free agents

    – Jason Kapono has been removed from the Lakers, though, suspiciously, Lamar Odom is still with them (despite his trade to the Mavericks).

    – Gilbert Arenas is still with the Magic, DESPITE being waived.

    – Kyle Chandler and Mike Bibby are with the Knicks

    – Tracy McGrady is now on the Atlanta Hawks squad.

    – Ronny Turiaf is with the Washington Wizards.

    – Shane Battier is with the Miami Heat.

    – Brandon Roy has been removed from the Portland Trailblazers squad due to retirement.

    So, as you can see, a few changes still need to be made in the weeks ahead, particularly with the addition of more rookies and, once it’s approved, Chris Paul’s move to the L.A. Clippers.  But hey, at least 2K is working on stuff with its updates, compared to just waiting till the last minute and then uploading everything at once.

    But still…Odom not a Maverick?  A few players may be miffed by that.  But hey, they can initiate their own trade to get him right?

    And on a side note, how crazy would a Blake Griffin/Chris Paul combo be for the Clippers?  Let’s see how this goes…


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