Review Inquisitor a Game of Heresy


    The game has a few interesting parts, such as dynamic music depending on location,level design that truly rewards and demands exploration as well as interesting locations. However all this is marred by the actual gameplay. Most mechanics are not well explained well, if at all. Character progression is a joke because if you try to build anything other than the best combatant possible you get destroyed in combat, but that still doesn’t stop it from being boring as hell. Also, you have stat called speed, it grants a buff to defence but it mostly just controls how fast you move. When moving in a large environment, I don’t want to move like a slug just because I choose to make a character that is strong not fast.



    The sad thing is, if Cinemax where to remove the combat from the game, and instead make something similar to an adventure game, Inquisitor would be amazing as it has a truly unique story and dark, compelling atmosphere unlike anything I’ve ever played. However, since the game holds on so tightly to these archaic game mechanics, I can really only recommend it to diehard fans of RPG’s from a decade ago.

    I reluctantly give Inquisitor a 6/10. If it was just the story, 9/10, however because of the boring gameplay and unclear mechanics I have to take it down a few points.

    However if you do decide to get the game here are a few tips.

    • You can get a dog follower in the basement of the sheriff’s office.
    • Always have potions on hand.
    • TALK TO EVERYONE. Seriously, everyone will likely I have something to say on what ever quest you currently have, even if they are not at all involved.
    • Be sure to explore whenever possible, you could find hidden quests, loot, and quest outcomes.
    • Save often, you don’t want to get yourself stuck deep in a cave with no way out.

    Read the text, it matters.



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