Tokyo Game Show 2011: What Is Square-Enix’s “Game of Hell”?


    One of the must watch companies at this year’s Tokyo Game Show is Square Enix, who’ve begun teasing one of their reveals for the event. The game is listed as a “Brand New Title Of Hell” and even has a little mini game to go along with it. Read on for a link to the site and more info about it.

    Visit the site where you’ll find two columns of words to choose from, with an “Or” between them. While it might seem opposites are the key, the solution is “Die Or Die.” Inputting this solution unlocks a mini game where players kill goblins by clicking on them. It keeps score and their blood spatters reveal the image below.


    What is this game of Hell? Barring a Famitsu or Dengenki leak, we’ll simply have to wait for Tokyo Game Show to find out. Be sure to stay tuned for any updates on the mystery game as we draw closer to TGS.


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