Big Games of 2011: Former WWE Superstar Batista Makes His In-Ring Return In THQ’s WWE ’12


    Back in 2010, Batista was humilated by WWE poster boy John Cena as he tied his legs with duct tape to the turnbuckle which left Batista unable to get up from the referee’s ten count. Now, you can take control of Batista as he returns to the WWE roster in THQ’s WWE ’12 and beat the crap out of John Cena. You know, like every 18-24 year old male WWE fan wants to do on a weekly basis.

    What a hypemachine THQ has created with WWE ’12. Legends, superstars, divas–crafting what is shaping up to be one of the best rosters in any fighting(and wrestling) game to date. Cory Ledesma and his team over at THQ, including their WWE Games community managers Aaron Kaufman and Marcus Stephenson have been listening to the core fans of the title and have implemented some great things that we will continue to be covering right up until the release of the title.


    For now, check out the screenshot of the “evidence” below. We’ll be posting more WWE ’12 news as we get it–here’s hoping Zack Ryder’s “internet championship” in Zack’s custom arena is up for grabs in a future DLC.


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