CES 2012: Microsoft Introduces KinectScan Technology With Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure


    For its final appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show (for the forseeable future, anyway), Microsoft is really going all out with its exhibit, showing off a number of mobile and Xbox 360 games, as well as forthcoming technology.  Among this technology is plenty of stuff for Kinect, including various stations where users can get into their gaming experiences.  And one example of this that stands out is Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure.

    This upcoming all-ages game, set for release this spring on Xbox 360, allows users to interact with five of their favorite Disney/Pixar films in all new ways, taking part in mini-games that utilize motion movements.  These movies include Up, Cars, Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Ratatouille, and players can do everything from flying around the streets of Paris to racing through Radiator Springs to fighting an enormous robot threatening to destroy a city.

    But for the first time in a Kinect game, players will be able to put themselves into the action.  Yes, we know some games could let you implement your Avatar, but Kinect Rush takes it a step further by introducing new KinectScan technology.  Your sensor scans your entire body, then creates a virtual avatar of its own kind to fit into the Disney universe, letting you stand alongside such heroes as the Incredibles family, Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody, among others.

    And according to the Microsoft rep who showed off the game, this is only the beginning, as several new titles will take advantage of this technology, with more and more realistic features coming soon.  They did stop just short of revealing what these games were, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw them pop up at E3.

    As for Disney/Pixar itself, it’s quite good.  The visual quality of each of the video games are very faithful to the films, right down to the design of characters and the situations you get into.  And the motion controls are exquisite, but kept simple enough that even the youngest players can get in on the action.  We’ll have a more in-depth preview for you shortly.

    Kinect Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure hits stores on March 20th.


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