GamesCom 2011: Sonic Invades Super Mario 3D Land

    • Seeing characters do guest appearances in cross-over games is becoming more of a common theme these days, and Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario are no strangers to that.  After years of fighting on their separate consoles, Sega and Nintendo settled their differences, working on joint projects that included both characters in the Olympic Games series, as well as Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  Now Sonic will once again be stopping by Mario’s world, this time in one of his biggest titles to date.

    In an exclusive demo that’s being shown behind closed doors at GamesCom, Nintendo revealed a new playable level in the upcoming Super Mario 3D Land, a game due out for Nintendo 3DS this holiday season.  In this level, you actually play as Sonic, and though specifics weren’t detailed as to what he’s doing in the adventure to begin with, he’s definitely a great new addition to the series, moving along at the pace of a bullet.

    Sarcastic Gamer managed to talk briefly to Nintendo marketing executive and spokesperson Iwanta Fuyu about Sonic’s inclusion, in which he had this to say…

    “Many fans loved how the levels with Yoshi played in Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii. That type of speed and gameplay has translated well for Sonic in this game and we look forward to to seeing fans of both franchises enjoying this game.”

    It’ll be interesting to see how this equates, but, hey, Mario and Sonic haven’t really done us wrong before.  Still, this is the first time they’re appearing together in a true platforming experience, and hopefully not the last.

    Look for more coverage on Super Mario 3D Land over the next few weeks, leading up to its November 13th release!



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