Big Games of 2012: NcSoft Unveils New Class for Guild Wars 2


    Game developer was in San Diego to allow hands-on with the MMO game


    As the successor to one of the most successful PC role-playing game franchises of all time, the upcoming Guild Wars 2 is one of the most highly anticipated titles in its genre. The game promises to build off the stunning visuals, massive role playing environments, innovative combat mechanics, dynamic events and personal storytelling innovations that fans are already excited for. At San Diego Comic-Con 2011, the ArenaNet team demonstrated the recently announced engineer profession and Underwater Combat areas, along with the opportunity to for fans to begin their journey in the icy highlands of the Norn race starting zone.


    Fans were able to dive into the deep as they experience the full, unique and complex fighting system that lies just beneath the watery surface of Tyria. Or choose to play as the versatile Engineer profession whose mastery of weapons and technology represents not only the evolution of weapons and combat, but of Tyria itself. Whether taking the plunge into underwater combat, or touring the Norn homeland, fans experienced firsthand how the ArenaNet team continues to evolve not only professions like the Engineer, but everything players have come to expect from their PC RPGs.


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