Gamestop Offers an Inside Look at Where Used Games Go to Be Born Again


    GRAPEVINE — The largest video games retailer in the world, GameStop, has seen its sales of used games and hardware increase in recent years. The pre-owned market accounts for a considerable portion of the company’s business. As a result, the company invested $7 million in a refurbishment center down the street from its U.S. headquarters in Grapevine, Texas. Bruce Kulp, svp of supply chain and refurbishment, offers an exclusive look inside the factory in the video below.


    The epicenter of the company’s success in the pre-owned space, the factory is a key differentiator, especially as GameStop continues to evolve to best meet consumer demand. This 182,000 square foot proprietary facility has enabled the company to continuously refine its buy/sell/trade business model. Through this model, GameStop expects to put an estimated $1.8 billion of currency back into consumers’ pockets as they begin to trade existing consoles toward forthcoming gen 4 systems and related titles.


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