Verizon Launches New Gaming App with Exent


    NEW YORK CITY – Verizon Wireless has launched a major redesign of the Verizon Games service portal and desktop application in conjunction with games-on-demand partner Exent. The new app delivers a more intuitive and interactive experience for customers exploring the world’s largest PC games-on-demand subscription service, with more than 1,500 game choices. Drawing on insights and feedback from its network of users and on-demand game service providers, Exent designed an animated and easy-to-use game-navigation service.  Unlike other game services, the new Verizon Games app, built with GameTanium, creates a more engaging, game-like environment designed to appeal to a mass market audience.




    Verizon Games also gives new customers a 14-day free trial of the service, with unlimited access to all the games in the online catalogue.  Customers have the option of canceling their subscription at any time. As the newest gaming solution on the market, Verizon’s on-demand app is designed to captivate gamers at all levels, from first-time players to veteran or core game players.


    “The early positive feedback from our test gamers has been overwhelming, and we’ve been looking forward to the opportunity to open up the new Verizon Games experience to all of our customers,” said Jason Henderson, games product manager at Verizon. “With the new app and website, people will get the same unparalleled customer experience from their PC games service as they do from Verizon’s TV, Internet and phone services.”


    The new games service captures the essence of touch-screen devices, with its animated, fluid interface and a unique, curved layout. Users can browse the entire catalog of games without having to jump from page to page or constantly click the “back” button to return to a main page. In addition to traditional subscription packages, the Verizon Games app offers additional purchase options including one-hour test drives and direct purchase and download of players’ favorite games.


    The new app also delivers a rich gaming-community program that has become a very popular and valuable service for users.  Once users have created their profile, they can create an avatar, decorate their own 3D animated Verizon Games Lounge with virtual items and earn trophies and Prize Points while playing games on the service.


    “The Verizon Games platform is the result of much end-user research,” said Jason Akel, vice president/general manager of Exent. “We are quite proud of the resulting interface, which is highly accessible to gamers of all types. At the same time, it was important to us that the interface emphasizes function over form so as not to distract from what the users are really there for — the world’s largest catalog of PC downloadable games.”


    Exent is a digital entertainment media company specializing in the marketing, merchandising and broadband-based distribution of video games.  Exent delivers a unique combination of superior technology for the delivery and monetization of video games, programming expertise that ensures greater consumer value and engagement and distribution expertise and relationships that seamlessly connect game publishers and consumers and optimize revenue.  Exent provides managed games-on-demand services for service providers like Verizon as well as its own free, ad-supported gaming site, Free Ride Games.  For more information about Exent, please visit


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