CES 2010: More Videogames and Tech Aimed at Kids


    LAS VEGAS – There were more gadgets aimed at kids like Sony’s EyePet for PlayStation 3 on the show floor of CES 2010 in Las Vegas this year than ever before. These days, children are starting to play videogames as early as three years old. Now, there’s a new videogame website aimed at toddlers called KneeBouncers.com. The site gives babies and toddlers the opportunity to play on the Internet without the use of a mouse. Loaded with games, little children can make magic happen on the screen by simply tapping any key on the keyboard.


    Invented out of necessity by two Maryland dads, KneeBouncers is the first and only site designed for babies. The site launched with 17 games and more are planned. Tiny hands can hit the keyboard and see something visual and interesting on the monitor. It was designed as a cause-and-effect experience for inquiring minds.


    “When my older two children discovered the Internet, they had a ball playing games and visiting fun sites. But their little sister was left out and out of luck. That was the inspiration for KneeBouncers.com,” said the site’s creator, Jim Robinson. “Now, we’ve given the younger kids their own online experience and parents get a break while their children enjoy endless entertainment.”


    On KneeBouncers.com, kids can explore educational interactive entertainment like The Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Play Peek-a-Boo, Pop-A-Lot, Choo-Choo, Music Maker, See-Saw, Bouncy, The Big Top, Bed Jump, Holey Moley, Splish Splash, Up-Up and Away, Vroom and Flashing Lights. The site also features free coloring sheets, so parents can download fun paper activities.


    “We’re building on the fundamentals of early learning by offering games that give toddlers their first experience with letters, numbers, shapes and colors,” said the site’s co-creator Kurt Dommermuth. “Not only do toddlers love them, but so do their parents and teachers.”


    KneeBouncers.com fintroduces a fun cast of characters that should appeal to young children, including Sly Cat the Courteous Cat, Caesar the Silly Puppy, Freddy the Brave Little Bear, Horatio the Happy Happy Hippo, Foo Foo the Funny Honey Bunny, and Sammy the Busy Bouncy Monkey.


    “Today, technology is a big part of our children’s lives,” explained Robinson. “KneeBouncers.com gives even babies the opportunity to get the feel for an online experience and yet parents don’t have to worry about the content or the computer.”


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