EA Raises Over $1,000,000 for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Effort


    EA has raised over $1 million in aid for Japan following a devastating earthquake and tsunami.


    EA has raised an absolutely tremendous amount in aid for Japan, following the devastation caused by a recent earthquake and tsunami. The $1 million in proceeds will be distributed via Red Cross, Mercy Corps, and AmeriCares. Learn how EA managed to raise this much money below.

    EA Partners, a group that’s been working with Grasshopper Manufacture on Shadows of the Damned, made a cash donation. Grasshopper Manufacture actually put out an iOS app, named Frog Minutes, to raise money, and Akira Yamaoka even auctioned the guitar he used to compose Silent Hill’s music. (Though it is not stated if these last two were considered part of EA’s fundraising, or as a seperate fundraising effort.)

    EA Sports gave $500,000 from FIFA 11 Ultimate Team sales to Red Cross, while Visceral Games auctioned¬† off a number of autographed Dead Space 2 memorobilia. Custom painted, Dragon Age II branded PS3 and 360 consoles were sold, which were autographed by Bioware’s founders. EA is even going so far as to match fundraising efforts globally.

    In addition to this already stellar effort, money is also being raised by Pogo.com, The Sims, Battlefield Heroes, and Playfish. EA encourages those who can to continue donating to the relief effort. You can read their official news post on the effort here.


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